Gregory Pardlo



APR/Honickman First Book Prize, 2007

paper • 96 pages • $14.00 • 978-0-9776395-3-3

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"'Herewith,' announces the tour-de-force opening poem in Greg Pardlo's wild ride of a debut, 'I proclaim the orthodoxies intended to preclude our kind/ of prodigality are disinherited.' Read it both ways: 'our kind' are now included, and this poet himself is prodigiously inclusive. A gorgeous lyric like 'Double Dutch' proves he can hold a singular focus, but what these poems really want is the layered simultaneity of a restless conciousness making a provisional order: a pattern almost collapsing, then somehow, miraculously, not. Totem is a giddy, splendid and discomfiting book." 
— Mark Doty  {read other reviews}